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When you emigrate from your country you leave everything but you always seek to take a piece of it, you always remember your people, your traditions and their food, that's why my Salvadoran market decided to export products to take them to your house and bring you a little of your country, day by day our number of products continues to grow so that you have more options and feel a little closer to the Salvador.

We start with the illusion of selling our products on Amazon and having our own online store, with many difficulties and with daily struggle we have managed to grow and give you more options, our goal is to see your satisfaction by bringing you a memory of your childhood or a smile when you consume our products and with your help you grow more day by day.

Mi Mercadito Salvadoreño is a specialty store dedicated to offering authentic products from El Salvador.

Our primary mission is to bring the rich flavors and traditions of El Salvador to our customers, ensuring that every product represents the genuine essence of our Salvadoran culture.

To ensure our customers always get the best of El Salvador, we prioritize their needs and desires. This approach allows us to source and deliver our products in a way that delights every shopper and is strongly backed by our dedicated team members.

We harness modern technology to streamline our operations and product offerings, ensuring that our clientele experiences the very best of Salvadoran culture, with all the convenience of the digital age.

Our History

Established in 2015, "Mi Mercadito Salvadoreño" began as a heartfelt venture to share El Salvador's rich heritage. From our first import of Salvadoran coffee to today's diverse offerings, we've been a proud beacon of authenticity and cultural bridge for all.

Our Mission

At "Mi Mercadito Salvadoreño" we are deeply committed to delivering the authentic flavors, traditions, and crafts of El Salvador. Every product we offer is a testament to our dedication to preserving and sharing the genuine essence of our vibrant Salvadoran culture.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most trusted and recognized destination for Salvadoran products., fostering a deep connection between the Salvadoran diaspora and their roots, and introducing the unique treasures of El Salvador to a global audience.

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